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All About Us:

4 Seasons Windpower is an Ohio based company specializing in wind energy. We offer renewable energy expertise, advanced technology and innovative products that meet the current demand for energy solutions worldwide.  We specialize in high end wind power equipment design, sales and distribution for residential, business and commercial wind farm energy needs. Our wind turbines range in size from 200watt to 2Mw and greater, depending on the individual project requirements.

As an industry leader; we provide highly efficient, durable and reliable wind turbine systems at competitive rates-creating maximum return on investment for our clients. 4 Seasons Windpower turbines are designed to meet rated capacity quickly and efficiently with low wind start-up. Our products are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility and meet international industry standards and compliance. All of our wind turbines meet the IEC 61400-2 Certification. The international official standard for small wind turbine systems. All of our equipment is engineered to meet a 20 year life cycle and is supported by a 5 year warranty.

Contact one of our renewable energy consultants to discuss your project requirements and objectives. 4 Seasons Windpower will work with you to develop and plan an alternative energy solution that meets your specifications. Contact us today at or (330) 421-9581 for a FREE CONSULTATION & ESTIMATE. 



Our Mission is to provide high end quality yet economical eco-friendly wind power solutions on a global level. We pledge to continue working in unison with our clients, and their local communities in the planning and development of clean energy wind projects. Our goal is to maximize renewable energy investments and increase community revenue while providing local employment opportunities.  At 4 Seasons Windpower we strive to enhance and develop the wind energy industry through progressive research and innovation.